Sunday, July 01, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 2

Our Pacific time zone brain clock had a tight grip on us and we slept long past our alarm.  A goose chase for a paper map and breakfast gave us a late morning start, fighting Toronto traffic in the heat.  The main highway to Ottawa was closed and the alternate route was a two lane highway with stop lights.  The result was an 8 hour trip that should have taken four.  Our touring day started late in Ottawa.  The Econolodge motel was close to downtown but left a lot to be desired (stinky and a little dirty) We went straight to Parliament hill which was abuzz with preparations for Canada Day with music stages and service tents.  It certainly took away from the aesthetics, but added a measure of anticipation.  We did enjoy the views of the river, canal and buildings in the glow of the evening light.  We managed a six and a half mile walk through government grounds and the touristy downtown core before we needed to close our day with fish and chips at an Scottish pub amid the bustling night life of a summer evening.

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