Thursday, July 12, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 13

All trip long we anticipated being able to catch Niagara Falls on the way back to Toronto.  We felt fortunate to have a whole day to explore the region.  We started on the American side which doesn’t see the rainbow falls straight on, but is none the less impressive with the rapids, American falls and top of the falls lookouts.  Then it was back to Canada and the thousands of tourists viewing the full view and grandeur of this natural marvel.  We walked along the promenade snapping pictures and enjoying the cool of the falls on a hot day.  We had read about the town of Niagara-on-the-lake some 20 miles north on the shores of Lake Ontario.  It is big time wine country and the town is high end tourism with wine tasting and galleries and streets lined with amazing flowers and landscaping.  We ate an early dinner at a sidewalk restaurant and had lasagna which seemed a good change from all the seafood of the last week. We had just enough time to drive into Toronto before dark and find our motel.  We enjoyed the clean motel and a short walk through a residential area before spending our last night on vacation.  We got up early and got the rental car back by 8 and caught the train for the airport and the long trip on three airplanes home.

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