Friday, July 15, 2005

Hope for a new generation of sailors

Birthday Boy
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Sometimes I wonder how sailing maintains its lure century after century. Will it continue to draw its faithful fans in the next generaton? With jet skis, wake boarding and the like, how does the ancient art of harnessing the wind to propel oneself on water ever stand a chance to endure. Well, tonight my doubts were silenced as an eleven year old boy chose sailing as the activity he wanted to do on his birthday. Josh DeKorte has been looking forward all week for his birthday sail with me. The drizzle and gray skies of this evening could not deter his enthusiasm. So off we went. Two excited boys ready to dance with nature in the gentle waves of Puget Sound. (Sorry about the dorky romanticism, but sailing does that to me.) We had a great time on the water and the rain held off. Thanks Josh for reminding me that sailing is a timeless pleasure that will endure until the end of the world. . . . and maybe into the next :)

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